Leadership Matters

“To be, or not to be, that is the question…”

These opening lines from Shakespeare’s Hamlet (Prince of Denmark) words were meant to help Hamlet contemplate whether it was better to suffer through life or

sense of urgency…..

There seems like a singular common trait that distinguishes highly successful and productive people from the rest, one that differentiates between average and superior performers.

integration blues…

Mumbai Indians lost the match to Delhi Daredevils and I the bet and had to take a few friends out for a nice meal. A

leading today…..

Wow! what an enriching discussion I had over the last weekend at Pankaj’s house with a bunch of highly animated friends. All immensely successful in

new learnings…..

My current job is waking me up to many leadership behavioural subtleties. Conflicting at times and almost always on the edge. How to be strong

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Our leadership icon

The charisma of Anna Hazare is for real! His simplicity, integrity and ability to lead from the front has drawn people from all over the

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Time to say bye to “The Little Red Dot”

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One year in Singapore — and loving it !

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The Ultimate Giver

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Moving beyond the COMFORT ZONE

It’s all in the Mind…….

Run and be Happy